FROZEN GIANTS SHRINE - #1 - 250 Ice Crowns

ICE MOUNTAIN TROLL - #2 - 400 Ice Crowns

The Ice Mountain Troll is part of the Winter Building Set.

The base payout is only coins, however, if the building is linked to additional buildings in the set, up to 3 additional link bonuses can be earned with each collection.  

This means to make full use of this building, you'll want to be sure to save plenty of your Frozen Keys for the days the other set buildings are offered as prizes.

ICE GIANT HAG - #3 - 800 Ice Crowns

The prize that you receive is based on the chapter you are in when the prize is REDEEMED.


You MUST complete the "Advanced Scouts" research in order to be considered in the "next" chapter! 



Once you've accepted the prize into your inventory, its value will not change.  This is still true even if you have not yet placed it in your city.



There is no guarantee that we will win all of the three grand prizes, or even the first two even if finishing all quests.  It does indeed involve an element of luck, and extra keys will be required to be won from several tries at opening the chests in order to get enough Ice Crowns.


In previous events, it used to be only somewhat likely to win the 2nd grand prize, and highly unlikely to win the third grand prize, without investing in additional event currency.

This is obvious when we look at the total Ice Crowns required, and how many keys it would take to obtain as many (without any tries resulting in additional keys) - 

Yet adding up all the keys available from quests, we can see that we would need nearly half our tries resulting in extra keys, which is not statistically impossible, but also not likely.

With the addition of Double Days, however, it is now possible and even likely for players who complete all or even most quests to win all 3 Grand Prizes.  



Double days are select days throughout the event where you will get double the normal payout of the currency that goes towards grand prizes. 

When you spend your Frozen Keys to open chests on Double Days, you get twice the Ice Crowns, bringing you closer to the grand prizes, faster.

If winning the grand prizes is high on your priority list, you'll want to spend most of your keys on double days.  

With a bit of luck, you'll win extra keys on several of your attempts and have plenty left over to try for other daily exclusives, too!  



Yes!  If you earn all or even most of the available keys from the quests, and cash most of them in on double days, you can still have more than 1,000 leftover for other tries, plus any extra keys you win from opening the chests.

Just as with similar events of this nature in the past, there are 3 grand prizes up for grabs in this event, and their values vary by chapter.


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