The quest event ran on Beta November 27 through December 31st, 2017.

It ran on live servers December 4th through January 7th, 2017.


Click here for information about the 2018 winter event, "Winter Magic." 







"Dear Humans and Elves,

For the first time in decades, the perpetual ice of the Elvarian Glaciers is melting. The Yetis of the Frozen Mountains wouldn't believe their eyes when they saw an old legend come true: Three Frozen Giants started shaping from the ice and slowly started moving! What was happening here? While the Giants progressed to move towards your city, the mountain natives would support them with everything they could. Nontheless, due to the coat of ice melting, a lot of old and hidden treasures got revealed: Sunken shipwrecks from the past, mystical frozen keys and even ancient crowns shaped of ice! Help the Yetis support the Giants on their journey, collect valuable treasures and win grand prizes during this wintery adventure!




"Three Glacier Giants" quest event is similar to quest events we've had in the past such as:


♦ Eldrasil's Ascending

♦ March of the Herds

♦ Rise of Phoenix

♦ Snow Flurry

♦ Summer Solstice


Just like with those events, for this one we will also have two quest lines:


♦  The first you progress through as you can - you will earn coins, supplies, and Frozen Keys for completing the quests. See the full list here


♦ The second, you will get a new quest each day.  If you get behind, you do not lose out on any, but you can't get them any faster than 1 new quest each day, which each pay out 35 frozen keys.  See the full list here


Earned Frozen Keys can be invested into small, medium, or large sized chests to win additional rewards and Ice Crowns towards the 3 Grand Prizes.

You can also find Frozen Keys around your city!  Click them to collect them.

Frozen keys can be found around your city in the same locations that Neighborly Help Reward Chests appear.  

The following map from Mykan's guide shows the possible locations that keys can appear:

When you redeem Frozen Keys, you earn ice crowns towards the grand prizes, and you have a chance to win the daily exclusive prize, or any of the other possibilities listed.  


Save your Frozen Keys for the daily prizes you want most!  Sometimes it takes quite a few tries of redeeming chests to win one.  Winning one is only a chance, never guaranteed. Once the prize is gone, it's gone forever!




The following buildings are unique to the Three Glacier Giants event and are offered throughout the event as daily prizes, along with some other buildings which we may have seen in the past. See the full list of prizes offered by day here


Frozen Shipwreck - 5x3

  • Adds Population and Culture

  • Day Available: Day 11

Snowy Village - 4x4

  • Adds Population and Culture

  • Day Available: Unknown

Fishing Spot - 3x2

  • Adds Population and Culture

  • Day Available: Unknown


Ice Village - 3x3

  • Adds Population and Culture

  • Pays supplies or mana depending on your chapter when the building is won.

  • Day Available: Day 1

Ice Temple - 2x2

  • Adds Population and Culture

  • Pays supplies or mana depending on your chapter when the building is won.

  • Day Available: unknown


A Sleighful of Ice Cubes - 4x3

  • Adds Culture

  • Day Available: Day 21

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