Dear Humans and Elves,

Prepare yourselves, for Walpurgis Night has come! All Witches of Elvenar assemble at Venar's Rock to celebrate this spooky and joyful festival. Will the young witch Freda make it in time and will she be able to present her new potion recipe? Join the reunion! Eat, dance and maybe you get the chance to meet an underworldly guest...

The Walpurgis Night Questline Event will run on Beta from April 16th until April 26th so make sure to fulfill all quests in time to read the whole story and get the awesome reward building.




Similar to previous events, we will have one quest line to complete in order to receive the final reward. 


There are a total of 48 quests to enjoy through this event. 





Individual quests pay coins, supplies, knowledge points, relics, and instants.  Some even award a building!



There is one unique grand prize, Venar's Spiritual Nexus. To find detailed information about this prize, Click Here



The quest series is running on the beta servers from April 16 through April 26.


It will run on live servers April 23 through May 3(*Speculative based on event history; not yet announced.)


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