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Dear Humans and Elves,

Today we bring you the story of Robert Redbeard, who was an excellent big game hunter. He used to hunt down and feast on the mightiest creatures Elvenar had ever seen. Yet even he couldn't catch everything. The years went by and as he grew older and older, he finally retired. He still gets served various meals by his goblin kitchen crew every day and he is growing more and more of a belly. Finally he's getting tired of that and he realizes he can still hunt...

The Questline Event about Robert Redbeard will consist of 2 parts. The first part will start today and run until January 15th. After a short break, we will continue with part 2. If you help Robert Redbeard by completing his quests in time, he will reward you with 2 awesome reward buildings:




Similar to previous events, we will have two quest lines:

♦  The first you progress through as you can - you will earn small rewards for completing tasks.

♦ The second is just one quest with one prize and one objective:​ Finish the quests offered in the first quest line and win a special prize.




Individual quests pay coins, supplies, knowledge points, or relics.


Two unique buildings, one from each Part I and Part II of the event. 


Collect both to complete the set and make each more valuable!  Click here to see full details of each reward.

Elvener Winter Event 2017 Three Glacier Giants



The quest series is running on the live servers from January 15th through January 22nd.


It has not yet been announced when part 2 will be on the live servers but should start shortly thereafter.


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