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Do you ever find yourself running low on coins or supplies?  Do you have to spend a lot of time running your workshops on 5 or 15 minute runs just to have enough supplies to progress?


Then you probably aren't getting the most out of game Quests!


This article describes how game quests in Elvenar work and how to unlock the full potential of Quests with a strategy that will help you throughout the life of your game.




  • About Quests

  • Types of quests

    • Storyline quests

    • Looping quests

    • Special quests

    • Event quests

  • Cycling game quests

  • Problems with quests




Quests are an important part of playing Elvenar. They are a significant source for the coins and supplies you need to progress that should not be overlooked.


Quests are a significant

source for coins and supplies

that should not be overlooked!


At nearly all points in the game you will have 2 side quests that will ask you to do various tasks. 

Usually, one of these quests is mandatory 

  • no decline button; must be completed 

  • sequential throughout the game

And one of these is declinable 

  • optional 

  • has a decline button

  • usually repeats in a cycle

But not always!  Sometimes both can be optional or mandatory.  More on this later.  


Of course, during the tutorial, or when special events are happening, greater or fewer than 2 quests could be available at once.  



The story quests guide you through your research and game tasks as you progress through the chapters.  Most of them are mandatory, and do not come with a decline button.  For the most part, these are the same and in the same order for each player, though some variances may occur depending on game-play decisions made.

Storyline quests can only be completed in order, and they will not advance with your research progress unless you complete them. 


It is very important not to get behind on these, and to make sure you finish the quests for each chapter before progressing too far into the next one, especially in the later guest race chapters. 


If you don't keep them caught up, you can get stuck with quests asking you to do things that won't make sense to do.


As you complete research, more and more quests will be unlocked and added to the queue. One must be completed in order to reveal the next.

  • It is infrequent but possible to reach a point where there is no mandatory quest.


If a series of story quests is completed before a player unlocks the research that

triggers the next one, a player can have a temporary period where they have 2 optional

quests at once.

  • It is also infrequent but possible to reach a point where both of the available quests are mandatory quests.


This can happen if a player has not completed the current series of mandatory quests,

but unlocks the research that triggers the next one.


Click here to view Storyline Quests by Chapter



The optional quests repeat in a loop.


The loop of quests available depends on which chapter of quests you are in, based on your storyline quest completion progress.

  • The order of these quests will remain the same until the next series of optional quests is triggered.


  • The order will not necessarily be the same for each player at each point in the chapter. 

  • The order of the quests in the cycle will however usually stay the same within each chapter for each player.


The loop changes from chapter to chapter, but then remains relatively unchanged from the Dwarves chapter forward.


These quests are recognizable primarily by the fact that they are, well, recognizable.

Click here to view Storyline Quests by Chapter


Certain game actions can trigger a set of special quests to be offered.  There aren't many of these types of quests, and they are optional, but they can be a handy source for a few extra coins or supplies.

Special quests can be triggered be reaching various research stages, building certain Ancient Wonders, reaching new scouting distances or other general game milestones.




Elvenar frequently runs special event quests at various times throughout the year.  

Full events tend to consist of two quest lines and a number of other features.

Mini-events tend to come with a single questline that pays out a unique prize upon completion.




Cycling through quests, sometimes also referred to as “Questing,” or “looping quests,” is using the game’s quests to your advantage on your schedule to get extra coins and supplies for doing things that you do anyway.

Have you ever noticed that the quests with a decline button tend to be the same ones a lot?

This is because they are! Most declinable quests repeat in a constant loop, except of course for those times mentioned earlier where the declinable quest is a story or transition quest.

When you get familiar with your quest cycle, you can use this knowledge to your advantage; decline any quest you can’t do right away until you get to one you can.

Before doing any action

that there is a quest in your cycle for,

decline the quest you have up,

again and again,

until you get to the one you need.



Using this strategy and timing it with actions you would be doing anyway, you can earn many extra coins and supplies than would otherwise be available.


These quests can each be used as often as every 3 hours, more or less, depending on your production levels and how well aligned they are for your current story quest progress.


  1. "Basic Goods" - Collect [x] amount of your tier 1 boosted good

  2. "Crafted Goods" - Collect [x] amount of your tier 2 boosted good

  3. "Magical "Goods" - Collect [x] amount of your tier 3 boosted good

This quest can be used as often as 4 or more times every 3 hours depending on how many workshops you have, and is usually very lucrative for supplies for each chapter's version of it.  


Using this quest at least twice per collect round can make it possible to get by with fewer workshops than would otherwise be required:

  • "Our Taxes" - Collect Advanced Tools 2 times AND Collect [x] amount of coins




To use this strategy, any time you are about to collect goods or supplies,


  1. Decline the optional quest that is currently up

  2. Decline again until getting a quest that calls for you to collect something that's ready.

  3. Collect only what is required for the quest. 

  4. Accomplish the quest and collect rewards.

  5. Decline through to the next quest that matches something you are going to collect.

  6. Repeat as often as possible/desired.


Need a quick supplies boost? Ask a fellow to help with trades on goods quests if you don't have a production ready to collect. Trades count!  


Do a "trade-back" -


If your quest wants you to gain 2500 crystals for example:,

  1. Post 2500 scrolls for 2500 crystals.

  2. Post 2500 crystals for 2500  scrolls.

  3. Ask a fellow to accept both trades.


Neither of you has a change to your goods, but you just picked up some extra coins and supplies!

For a double bonus, trade with your fellow's boosted good while they have the same quest up, too!


For more tips on cycling quests by chapter, and for a list of chapter quest cycles, visit the "Optional Quests by Chapter" page on this site. 





Bugs with quests are pretty rare, but they're not unheard of.  


Most of the time, if they exist, they are found in new chapter quests or recently released content.  You can usually verify that they've quickly been reported and confirmed in the 'bugs reporting' section of the forums.

If the quest isn't listed there however, it might not be completing for a couple of different reasons that have nothing to do with a bug.  If it is not registering as complete, it is almost always because the correct requirement is not being met.

♦ Pay close attention to the way a quest is worded.  Quest wording is very precise:

  • If it says "gain," you must gain it again after accepting the quest.

  • If it says "have," you'll get credit if you already have the item it is asking for.

  • If it says "build," you must build it again after accepting the quest in order for it to count.

  • If it says "encounter," tournament encounters don't count.


♦ If the quest is asking you to produce something:


  • Pay attention to exactly what the quest asks for.  

  • It will usually be the name of a specific production cycle in a manufactory or workshop.


♦ If the quest asks you to do one action OR another,

  • mixing and matching will not count.

  • The progress will only display for the option you are closest to completing.



"I am in Fairies, I've already built my fairy settlement,

and my mandatory quest wants me to produce copper!"

"I'm well into the Orc chapter and still haven't gotten the

quest to sell the fairy portal, what gives?"

While story quests are limited by your game progress, meaning you won't get certain quests without meeting certain research milestones, your research progress is not limited by your story quest progress.

This means that it is quite possible to research far ahead of your story quests if you are not completing them as you go.

Story quests must be completed in order.  This means that to get to the chapter II quests, you must complete all of the chapter I quests.  You must complete the chapter I, II, and III quests before you'll get any of the chapter IV quests, and so on.

If you get behind in your quests, you could end up in a situation where being able to progress in your story quests could require you to take some actions that are not aligned with your city design plans.

Don't let this happen to you!  You wouldn't want to be in Orcs, and suddenly need Dwarven portal and mines and foundries again!  Keep up with your story quests.  Don't sell any guest race settlement buildings until you are sure you've completed all of the quests in the chapter.  

Hint: once you get the quest to complete advanced scouts, you know you've completed the chapter quests.  "Research Advanced Scouts" is the last quest for each chapter.

"I already completed the chapter, I had two declinable quests,

I thought I finished the chapter quests, but now I'm getting more!"

A less common, but still applicable problem relating to how story quests work.  


Just because one reaches a series of 2 declinable quests, this does not mean that the chapter quests are over.  It could simply mean that the next batch of story quests hasn't been triggered, yet.  It could take reaching a particular research or completing some other type of milestone.



The exact triggers and requirements for certain sets of quests is not entirely known to anyone but the game developers themselves, and they can change any time, but we've done our best to thoroughly play, track and test quests on multiple games multiple times to come up with the lists and quest workings provided within this article and other site pages.  

We hope you find this overview and the quest lists to be very helpful in making the most out of this element of the game!



~ ♦ ~ Happy Gaming ~ ♦ ~

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