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Returning this event, we have "Set Buildings."

Set buildings are buildings which link together for a greater benefit.  With set buildings, only one building in the set needs a road connection; the rest only need to touch any of the rest of the set.


For this event, all 3 of the Grand Prizes are set buildings.

There are also 2 set buildings which will appear as daily exclusive prizes.

Elvenar Set Buildings


To get the maximum bonus, a set building must touch at least 4 other unique buildings.

Note a suggested layout above.  

♦ If only one building is in the set, only the base payout is received.

♦ If the building touches one other set building, the 1st link bonus is activated.

♦ If the building is touching two other set buildings, the 2nd link bonus is activated.

♦ If the building is touching three other set buildings, the 3rd link bonus is activated.

♦ If the building is touching four other set buildings, the 4th link bonus is activated.


The bonus earned is given on top of any previous bonuses earned.  Hover over the placed building to see how many link bonuses have been activated.

Note how it will appear when there is no bonus:

And when one bonus has been activated:

Elvenar Set Buildings
Elvenar Set Buildings

Note how the production window displays which bonuses have been activated as well:

Elvenar Set Buildings


With one of each building, it is possible to place the buildings in such a way that 1 of the buildings will be able to achieve all 4 link bonuses, and each other will be able to receive up to 3.  Which one receives the maximum bonus will be each players' choice based on how they choose to arrange the buildings. 


Note how many link bonuses each building would earn if placed in the manner suggested by the set building picture above:

Elvenar Set Buildings

The bonus is only activated by UNIQUE buildings.

This means that if two Phoenix Pavillions are placed next to each other, neither will receive the bonus. 


Similarly, if a Cultist Plaza is placed to touch both of them, only one of them will activate a bonus. 

Elvenar Set Buildings

It is not effective to place multiples of the same building next to each other.  The set is only valuable if a variety of buildings are used.

Elvenar Set Buildings

With more than one of any of the daily prize buildings, you may be able to get 2 or 3 buildings to maximum level.


Note how many bonuses can be achieved if two of each daily exclusive building are able to be won in addition to each grand prize:  

Elvenar Set Buildings


Once the set buildings are in place, they will begin production and be ready for collection in 24 hours.

Note that if you change the set in any way, by moving any of the buildings in the set, this will restart the production:

Elvenar Set Buildings



Cultist's Plaza

Phoenix Worship

Temple of Phoenix


For additional details on which goods each building will produce,visit the Grand Prizes page.


Phoenix Pavillion

Day Available:

Day 9

Phoenix Lighthouse

Days Available:

Day 2 & Day 16

The new set buildings should be included in the beta version of elvenarchitect, soon!  You can play around with various arrangements to see how they might work in your city at


The culture value alone tends to surpass the best free available alternatives for most chapters. 

When considering the additional bonuses on top of the culture, it is conclusive from a purely mathematical perspective that the set is obviously a greater value than the free alternatives otherwise available for all chapters.

Whether the technically higher value is enough to be worth making space for all 5 buildings or more, however, will be subjective based on each player's preferences and priorities.  


At each chapter, the culture value per square of the 5-building set is superior to any free alternative until one chapter later.  


The coins produced by the Phoenix Lighthouse add a nice bonus with a very high per-square payout.  Being the only building in the set that offers coins, the overall value isn't high, but it does make this building easily worth the small space it takes.


The supplies produced by the Phoenix Pavilion add a nice bonus with a very high per-square payout.  


If all 4 link bonuses can be activated for the Phoenix Temple, a Broken Shard can be earned every 24 hours. 


To some players, this will make this an extremely valuable building if they can obtain the other 4 buildings in the set. 


Especially when considering the Ancient Wonder that produces Broken Shards (Enar's Embassy) is not available until the end of the Woodelves chapter, and that it only produces one Broken Shard a week, this building alone may make the set worth obtaining.  


If all 4 link bonuses can be activated for the Phoenix Worship, a Knowledge point can be earned every 24 hours. 


If one is only able to obtain one of each building however, they will have to choose which building to activate the 4th link bonus for; the Knowledge Point level may only be worth activating if more than one of the daily exclusive set buildings can be obtained.


The goods produced by the set are a mere novelty.  They are not worth the space.  However, when considering these are earned in addition to some fairly decent culture, they are a nice bonus.

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