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Just as with similar events of this nature in the past, there are 3 grand prizes up for grabs in this event, and their values vary by chapter.

New this event, all 3 of the Grand Prizes belong to a Set of 5 total buildings.  The other 2 set buildings may be won when they appear as daily exclusive prizes.

CULTIST'S PLAZA - #1 - 250 Phoenix Feathers

  • Adds culture and 1st tier goods.

  • The type of good this building produces will vary based on your boost. (boost -1)

    • Marble boost = Planks production​

    • Steel boost = Marble production

    • Planks boost = Steel production

PHOENIX WORSHIP - #2 - 400 Phoenix Feathers

  • Adds culture, population, and 2nd tier goods.

  • The type of good this building produces will vary based on your boost. (boost -1)

    • Crystal boost = Silk production​

    • Scrolls boost = Crystal production

    • Silk boost = Scrolls production

TEMPLE OF PHOENIX - #3 - 800 Phoenix Feathers

  • Adds culture, population, and either supplies or 3rd tier goods based on chapter.

  • The type of good this building produces will vary based on your boost. (boost -1)

    • Elixir boost = Gems production​

    • Magic Dust boost = Elixir production

    • Gems boost = Magic Dust production

The prize that you receive is based on the chapter you are in when the prize is REDEEMED.


You MUST complete the "Advanced Scouts" research in order to be considered in the "next" chapter! 



Once you've accepted the prize into your inventory, its value will not change.  This is still true even if you have not yet placed it in your city.



There is never a guarantee that we will win all three of the grand prizes, or even the first two, even if finishing all quests.  It does indeed involve an element of luck, liberal use of double days, and winning plenty of extra essence in order to acquire enough Phoenix Feathers.


In previous events, it used to be only somewhat likely to win the 2nd grand prize, and highly unlikely to win the third grand prize, without investing in additional event currency.

This is obvious when we look at the total Phoenix Feathers required, and how much Sky Essence it would take to obtain that many (without any tries resulting in additional essence.)  

Yet adding up all the Sky Essence available to be earned, we can see that it's not nearly enough.

With the addition of Double Days, however, it is now possible for players who complete all quests to win all 3 Grand Prizes.  

This doesn't appear to be enough on the surface.  We can see we'll need some luck.

At least 7 tries resulting in at least 140 extra Essence are required.  


Assuming 4,000 are spent on large eggs (which may or may not be possible depending on when the quests are completed and whether the final day is a double day), one would be afforded approximately 28 or so tries.


Out of 28 tries, using basic calculations, average results would provide just under 7; 4.2 times at 140, and 2.3 at 200. 

This doesn't leave much wiggle room for poor luck, or any left over to risk spending Sky Essence on any other day but a double day.  This means you have a likely, but not guaranteed, chance of winning all 3 Grand Prizes without needing to invest in extra event currency IF you:

  • Complete all quests

  • Collect at least an average amount of fallen eggs around your city

  • Spend nearly all of your Sky Essence on double days

  • Have average or better results winning extra essence when opening eggs



As demonstrated above, we can see it's going to be challenging just to win the 3 grand prizes.  With above average luck, however, it is possible but not likely to win one of each of the other set buildings without spending diamonds.  

Even if you do obtain all of the Sky Essence possible during the event, you will only have tries available for the other daily exclusive buildings if you win extra sky essence more than 7 times while opening eggs on double feather days. 


This means that in order to win the full set, you would need to:

  • Collect more than the average number of fallen eggs around your city

  • Have slightly above average luck in winning extra essence when opening eggs

  • Have very good luck in winning each set building with only one or two attempts for each  

Grand Prizes Odds

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