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Elvenar Orcs Chapter



Elvenar Orcs & Goblins

The Orcs are coming!

In chapter VIII, we wave goodbye to the fairies and say hello to Orcs and Goblins!

You can read detailed facts and learn all about the Orcs chapter and the buildings in the wiki.


This guide will provide a quick review of some orcs basics as well as some general strategic recommendations based on what we've learned about Orcs and Goblins in the wiki, crunching some numbers, and playing through the chapter.


As always, if you have suggestions or recommendations, please share!




  • Orcs & Goblins goods overview

    • Upgrade goods​

    • Research goods

  • New buildings

    • Portal

    • Mushroom Farms

    • Rally Points

    • Breeding Grounds (Armory)

  • Beginning the Orcs & Goblins chapter

    • First research

    • First productions & upgrades

    • Once the settlement is built

  • Continuing through research

    • Upgrade resources production​​​​​

    • Research goods production

  • Other upgrades

    • Residences

    • Workshops

    • Barracks

    • Training Grounds

    • Third-tier manufactories​​

  • Alternative approach: fast-tracking Orcs & Goblins​






As with previous chapters, we have different types of goods which have different purposes.  In Orcs & Goblins, there are 3 types of goods:

  1. Goods that upgrade guest race buildings

  2. Goods that produce research goods 

  3. Goods that unlock research


To build rally points, upgrade your mushroom farms, rally points, or portal, you'll need:

Elvenar Hardshrooms
Elvenar Debris

Hardshrooms from Mushroom Farm to build rally points, or upgrade

Debris from Rally Point for portal or building upgrades


To produce Debris, you'll need:

Elvenar Psychoshroom

Psychoshroom from Mushroom Farm

To produce Shrooms of Wisdom, you'll need:

Elvenar Orcs

Dung from Rally Point

Orcs from Breeding Grounds (Armory)

To produce Loot, you'll need:

Powershroom from Mushroom Farms

Armament from  from Rally Point 



To unlock research in the Orcs & Goblins Chapter, you'll need:

Elvenar Shroom of Wisdom
Elvenar Loot

Shroom of Wisdom from Mushroom Farms

Loot from Rally Point 


In this chapter, like in the fairies chapter, we have 2 new types of production buildings, each which will allow you to choose to produce 1 of 4 different types of goods at a time.



The portal is 3x4 at level one, and grows with each level up to a maximum size of 4x6.

Elvenar Orc Portal

The capacity for Shroom of Wisdom and Loot depends on the portal level.


There is no capacity limit for production or upgrade goods (Hardshrooms, Psychoshrooms, Powershrooms, Armament, Orc Dung, or Debris.)



You will have Mushroom Farms (2x2), which will produce mushrooms of various types. You'll need these types to fuel the Rally Point productions, and for research.


Mushroom farms will not grow in size as they are upgraded.

Elvenar Mushroom Farm

You will want to build as many as you can fit - the more you can fit, the less you will get stuck in research waiting for goods. 40 is not excessive. 20 is on the low side.


Start out building plenty.  You can always sell off a few as you are able to upgrade them further and further.


You will want to build

as many Mushroom Farms

as you can fit in your city!


You will also build Rally Points which will be used to produce items you'll use to upgrade your portal and production buildings and unlock research.


Rally Points do not grow in size as they are upgraded.

Elvenar Rally Point

3 Rally Points should be the minimum to keep up with your Farms' productions and produce what you need. 4 isn’t excessive if you can find the space; 5 is a luxury worth affording if you play often.



Well, so it's not really a new building as much as it is an upgraded building, but for all intents and purposes of this section, it is.

Elvenar Breeding Grounds

As soon as you unlock the Breeding Grounds research, you’ll want to start upgrading your armories as soon as possible so that you can produce orcs while you work your way to the Rally Point.


Armories for both humans and elves will grow to 5x5 and remain at that size through the new maximum level of 23.

Most players agree that with 3 or more armories you will produce enough Orcs to maintain a decent supply and meet all of your needs.​​

You'll need Orcs to:

Elvenar Orcs
  • produce the items in the Rally Points

  • upgrade your workshops

  • negotiate encounters past ring 10


When you first open the Orcs chapter and after unlocking Advanced Scouts, you can go from the Orc's Portal to the Swamp Trail and then to the Mushroom Farms.




When you first open the Orcs chapter and after unlocking Advanced Scouts, you can go from the Orc's Portal to the Swamp Trail and then to the Mushroom Farms.

Elvenar Orcs Research



As soon as you unlock Mushroom farms, start building them and get them into production on Hardshrooms as soon as possible.  


The Mushroom farms make 4 different items and each item takes a different amount of time to complete it's production:Production amounts are based on a level 1 portal and will increase as your portal is upgraded.

Elvenar Mushroom Farm Production

Build as many as you can fit, but make sure to leave space for the 3 Rally points.  


Tip: Once you have a designated space for the Rally Points, and if you have enough supplies to spare, you can build more farms in that space so that you can speed up the process of making the Hardshrooms you will need to build the Rally Points. Once you are ready to build the Rally Points you can sell the extra farms and you will get back about half of the supplies you used to build them.

Once you’ve started Hardshrooms productions, then start working on unlocking the Squad Size Upgrade 24, the Breeding Grounds and then the Rally Points.


You will need a total of 176 KPs to unlock all 3 of these researches.

♦ In the time it will take you to get the required KP, your farms should only be producing Hardshrooms until you have enough to build your 3 Rally Points.

♦ If you reach the 10,200 before unlocking all 3 of the researches, you should then start making Hardshrooms in half of your farms, and Psychoshrooms in the other half.


You will also want to upgrade you armories and start making Orcs so that you can start producing items in your Rally Points as soon as you build them.

The Rally Points make 4 different items and they also each take a different amount of time to complete their productions. The time for production decreases as the Rally Points are upgraded, but the output remains the same.

Elvenar Rally Point production

Tip: Make your Debris overnight while you are sleeping! Anytime you do not have the goods needed for dung or debris, keep your rally points busy by producing armaments.


After that point, your next move will depend on your priorities, but we highly suggest Residences so you can get to work on upgrades and laying out how to accommodate the size and shape change.



The two main items you will need to produce to unlock researches in this chapter are Shrooms of Wisdom and Loot.

Don't worry too much about these quite yet, though. First, you'll want to work on the goods you need to complete upgrades of your portal, farms, and rally points.


The fastest way to finish this chapter will be to upgrade your Portal and your Farms before making any of these two items, as it will greatly slow down your progress to make these two items with lower producing farms.


You will run into a few early researches that you may need (city expansion 33) or want (Orc style Main Hall), but just know that making the Shrooms of Wisdom and the Loot you need to unlock those researches will set you back at least 7 days. Unlocking any other researches after those two will set you back even longer.



Always upgrade the portal first! It is more expensive, and it may FEEL slower in the beginning, but in the long run, it is the fastest overall approach. This is because the portal bonus applies to ALL mushroom farms and rally points; not just the one that is being upgraded.


The faster you get your portal upgraded, the better. With production times running so long on this chapter, the fewer productions you run with lower level farms and a lower level portal, the better.

The more mushroom farms you have, the greater benefit it is to upgrade the portal first.


In order to upgrade the Portal from level 1 to level 4 you will need:

  • 60,100 Hardshrooms

  • 1,045 Debris

  • 22,264 Psychoshrooms.

In order to upgrade each of your farms from level 1 to level 4 you will need:

  • 3,330 Hardshrooms

  • 88 Debris

  • 1,848 Psychosrooms


Because it takes the same amount of time to produce both the quantity of the Hardshrooms and the quantity of Psychoshrooms (and debris) required for each upgrade, you'll want to use about half of your farms to produce Hardshrooms and the other half to produce Psychoshrooms.


It is almost impossible to pick up every production as soon as it is done, however, so you will likely have to adjust slightly at times according to your needs. You may need to produce more of one item than the other at certain points.


During the time you are not making Debris in your Rally Points, you should be making Armament!


Just like with upgrading your Portal, you can make Hardshrooms in half of your farms and Psychoshrooms in the other half and adjust accordingly.


Once you start upgrading your farms you'll get the biggest benefit by making Hardshrooms (12 hours) in your higher level farms and Psychoshrooms (24 hours) in the lower level ones.


Once you have upgraded your Portal and Farms to level 4, then start making Shrooms of Wisdom and Loot.




In order to research further than the Rally Point and a few culture items, you will need Orc goods.

Each starred research item requires special orc goods, as do the rest of the research items for the rest of the chapter.


Shrooms and Wisdom and Loot will be needed in quantities of a few hundred or more for each research.


You will need 11,900 Shrooms of Wisdom and 16,320 Loot in order to unlock every research in this chapter:

  • In order to make the 11,900 Shrooms of Wisdom you will need 23,800 Dung.

  • In order to make the 23,800 Dung you will need 148,089 Psychoshrooms.

  • In order to make the 16,320 Loot you will need 50,320 Powershrooms and 85,680 Armament.

Note that these numbers are based on level 1 portal, and level 1 mushroom farms.  


As you upgrade the portal, the output of Rally Points and Mushroom farms will increase, thus the total amount of Dung, Psychoshrooms and Armament required to complete the chapter will be significantly lower the earlier and further you upgrade your portal and farms before attempting to produce research goods.



Because every player's level of activity varies, and because every research requires a different number of Shrooms of Wisdom and Loot to unlock, it is impossible to figure out an ideal production pattern for each player.

Each player should make the items they need at the time in order to meet the needs of their next research.


If you followed our suggestions you should have more than half of the Armaments you need and can make more Armaments when your Rally Points are not producing Dung or Loot.



According to your level of activity you may never need to upgrade your Rally Points past level 1.


If you see you are falling behind on your productions of Dung or Loot, this is a sign you may fare better if you upgrade them to level 2.  


Note, however, that upgrading the Rally Points will only speed up the production times and not the production amounts.


This makes upgrading the Rally Points more necessary for players who have more than 25 farms or players who are very active at multiple times throughout the day.



As with previous chapters, the Orcs & Goblins chapter brings us 2 new levels for residences, workshops, barracks and the Main Hall.

4 Additional upgrade levels are made available for Tier 3 Manufactories and Armories (Breeding Grounds).



Upgrading residences poses a real challenge during the Orcs chapter, as they will change in size, and for elves, they will also change in orientation.

Upgrading residences may be a slow process, and may be very frustrating. If you continue upgrading a few at a time however as you can make space, you should be in good shape.

You will likely find yourself selling a few residences in order to make this happen, as each upgrade takes additional space for both elves and humans.

It will be a challenge to balance space and population as you upgrade each residence, but the good news is, each upgrade gives a much greater population benefit than upgrades in previous chapters did.


Elvenar Orc Residence

For Elves, each residence increases by 4 squares, growing from 2x4 to 4x3.



Each upgrade from 19 --> 20 gives +200 population.

Each upgrade from 20 --> 21 gives +150 population.


Upgrade more before upgrading further, unless you are out of room for more residences to grow and have idle builders; then put them to work on upgrades from 20 --> 21 while you work on making more space.


Elvenar Orc Residence

For Humans, each residence increases by 2 squares, growing from 5x2 --> 4x3.

Each upgrade from 19 --> 20 gives +70 population.

Each upgrade from 20 --> 21 gives +150 population.


For this reason, it is recommended that humans upgrade further before they upgrade more.

You will likely find yourself in a crunch for supplies quite often throughout this chapter regardless of how quickly you are able to upgrade your workshops.


Upgrading them will help a little, but you’ll still likely find yourself needing to cycle your quests for extra supplies and/or using spells quite often, even with a high number of workshops. Make sure not to miss any fellowship visits, you’ll need every last bit of supplies you can muster!



The good news is, the Barracks does NOT change in size or in orientation for the Orc chapter upgrades for elves or for humans. 



The good news is, workshops do NOT change in size or in orientation for the Orc chapter upgrades for elves or for humans. This should help players breathe a sigh of relief after the very challenging upgrade in Fairies!

Workshops are, however, very expensive in population, coins, supplies, and orcs. You will need to have plenty of orcs produced before setting out to upgrade your workshops.  The net benefit for supply output is relatively minimal for each upgrade.


For these reasons, many players may find upgrading workshops their last priority after residences and the orc production buildings.


Elvenar Orc Workshop

Each upgrade from 19 --> 20

  • Costs 36.7k supplies, 1,470k coins, and 1680 orcs.  

  • Unboosted output increases from 1,550 to 1,640 supplies per hour.


Each upgrade from 20 --> 21

  • Costs 38.8k supplies, 1,560k coins, and 1910 orcs.  

  • Unboosted output increases from 1,640 to 1,740 supplies per hour.


Elvnenar Orc Workshop

Each upgrade from 19 --> 20

  • Costs 36.7k supplies, 1,470k coins, and 1680 orcs.  

  • Unboosted output increases from 1,550 to 1,640 supplies per hour.


Each upgrade from 20 --> 21

  • Costs 38.8k supplies, 1,560k coins, and 1910 orcs.  

  • Unboosted output increases from 1,640 to 1,740 supplies per hour.


Each upgrade from 19 --> 20

  • Costs 36k supplies, 90k coins, 245 population, and 614 culture.  

  • Training speed increases from 71 to 84.


Each upgrade from 20 --> 21

  • Costs 134k supplies, 1,040k coins, 274 population and 686 culture.  

  • Training speed increases from 84 to 98.


Each upgrade from 19 --> 20

  • Costs 36k supplies, 90k coins, 245 population, and 614 culture.  

  • Training speed increases from 71 to 84.


Each upgrade from 20 --> 21

  • Costs 134k supplies, 1,040k coins, 274 population and 686 culture.  

  • Training speed increases from 84 to 98.



The Training Grounds changes in size, shape, and orientation for both Elves and Humans during the Orcs chapter.



Upgrade from 8 --> 9

  • Grows from 3x4 to 5x3.

  • Costs 40.5k supplies, 810k coins, 77 population, and 240 culture.  

  • Training speed increases from 49 to 71.


 9 --> 10

  • Costs 76k supplies, 1,420k coins, 88 population and 276 culture.  

  • Training speed increases from 71 to 98.

 10 --> 11

  • Costs 91k supplies, 1,710k coins, 101 population and 317 culture.  

  • Training speed increases from 98 to 113.

 11 --> 12

  • Costs 106k supplies, 2,000k coins, 117 population and 365 culture.  

  • Training speed increases from 113 to 129.



With the Orcs & Goblins chapter comes the research to upgrade tier 3 manufactories through level 19.

Human Elixir upgrades are relatively high difficulty, at least for the first level upgrade.


An increase in size makes the initial population requirement quite higher than the Elven counterpart, which doesn’t get a size increase.

Dust upgrades are slightly more difficult for elves than for humans. Neither get a size increase or an orientation change.


Elves first upgrade requires slightly higher population cost, but the cost is still relatively low compared to other factory type upgrades.

Gems producers get the most challenging upgrade for this chapter.


Both elves and humans get an orientation change, though size stays the same, so population requirements are relatively in line with other types.



This chapter was designed to be long and slow to keep the higher level players busy while the developers work on a new chapter.  It will take a minimum of 66 days to complete, and that's only if you have more than 25 farms and are able to collect every production as soon as it's done. You will most likely get stuck a few times and have a ton of left over KPs that you can insert into yours or your neighbor's AWs.

We hope this guide helps make your passage through this chapter easier and more fun, and as always never hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

~Good Luck, and Happy Building~

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Alternative Approach for the Brave



When you begin the chapter, go straight for the portal, then swamp trail, and farms.


Once you get your farms up:

  1. Build as many as you can 

  2. Only make Hardshrooms (you will need these to build Rally Points)


Do not worry about space for rally points. Build all farms until you have squad upgrade 24, armory and the Rally Point technologies unlocked.


By then, you should have enough Hardshrooms to build Rally Points.

♦ At this point, delete some farms to make room to add 2 rally points to start with.

   (you will add more later)


The very next tech after your rally points should be Residences and the 2 cultural techs that lead to your main hall and workshops. Once you have all that unlocked, you will be able to upgrade everything in your city to the maximum level except for tier 3.


When we're fast-tracking, however, we are not going to worry about leveling tier 3 until Woodelves since this tech comes very late in the orc chapter. You will have 2 main areas to focus on now.


Put half your builders to work on each:

  • Maxing out upgrades on your settlement (upgrade portal, farms, rally points)

  • Maxing out upgrades on residences, workshops, armories, Main Hall, barracks


Once you are done with upgrades

(except tier 3)




Once you enter Woodelves, you will have very little use for non mana-producing culture. By deleting your culture early, you will have more room to add Mushroom farms and Rally Points. ​ 


You will not have a need for any culture since you will have nothing left to upgrade except tier 3. Culture is only needed if you want to upgrade something that requires it.  Going below 100% won't otherwise harm you, you just won't get a culture bonus to boost your coins and supplies output.  


The principle this method is based on is that city space allocated to the guest race settlement will provide a greater benefit than city space allocated to a culture bonus.  


Without worrying about culture, you will have a lot of room to build more farms and rally points. The more of these you can fit, the faster the chapter will be.


After the chapter, you can sell all your farms, re-design your city with all the space you now have and start adding the Weeping Willows that you'll need for Woodelves.


Weeping Willows provide more culture per square than most other buildings so you will be able to gain a positive culture very soon after starting Woodelves. Then you can have fun re-building your city again! 


Since a recent game update, you can decline mandatory quests once you get into the new chapter, so this is no problem at all, now. 


There is just one near the end of the quest line that fast-tracking will prohibit you from doing; upgrade a tier 3 manufactory to level 16.  

Once you do get to the new chapter, you can decline that quest, and then some you have already completed will pop up and give you a nice reward!  Decline any others you don't care to do and then begin the Woodelves quests.

Questions?  Comments?  Join the Facebook group for Elvenar players!  Open to anyone and everyone who loves Elvenar!

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