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Do you ever find yourself running low on coins or supplies?  Do you have to spend a lot of time running your workshops on 5 or 15 minute runs just to have enough supplies to progress?


Then you probably aren't getting the most out of game Quests!


This article describes how to unlock the full potential of Quests with a strategy that will help you throughout the life of your game, listing each cycle of optional quests by chapter, and some tips for getting the best use out of them.






  • Review of optional quests

  • Lists & Tips by chapter




Quests are an important part of playing Elvenar. They are a significant source for the coins and supplies you need to progress that should not be overlooked.


Quests are a significant

source for coins and supplies

that should not be overlooked!


At nearly all points in the game you will have 2 side quests that will ask you to do various tasks. 

Usually, one of these quests is mandatory 

  • no decline button; must be completed 

  • sequential throughout the game

And one of these is declinable 

  • optional 

  • has a decline button

  • usually repeats in a cycle

This guide will cover the 2nd of these: the optional quests by chapter.

Read more about quests in general, the various types of quests in Elvenar, and how they work in the All About Quests article.  



Use these lists and cycle through your quests often to be familiar with which quests you can use the most to supplement the coins and supplies needed for your city.



Using questing, it is possible to complete chapter one in as few as 12 - 48 hours.

The chapter 1 quest loop is short, making it very easy to manipulate and take advantage of.



1)  When you are low on coins, use the “100” quest. It’s worth 20,000! Have a fellow post a trade-back - 2 equal trades that cancel each other out. Gaining goods through the trader counts for the quest!

2)  When you accumulate a decent amount of goods and supplies, hit the map! Earn some KP to keep progressing through the chapter.


  • Complete encounters 3 at a time, after cycling to the “solve 3 encounters” quest.

  • Don’t complete the last encounter in the province until you have the “complete a province” quest up.


3)  Before you wrap up a playing session (and putting your builders to work!), bring up the “Complete a building upgrade to level 4 or higher” quest, and you’ll have some extra coins and supplies when you return.


4)  When you return to the game after a longer absence, bring up the “collect 5000 coins” quest. Only click enough houses to get to 5,000.


Save the rest to hit this quest again and again for a supplies boost if needed. The same can be repeated with any workshops or manufactories ready to be collected.


5)  Do NOT complete the quest to “Use Power of Provision 1 time” until you are ready to give up your easy chapter 1 cycle (have plenty of coins and supplies!)


You can research well into chapter 2 without the quest cycle changing.  There are several benefits to doing this.  

  1. Continue using the "collect 100 [boosted good" quest for extra coins.

  2. Continue using the "collect 40 [non-boosted good]" quests for extra coins and supplies

  3. If you get well into chapter II, and then you complete the last chapter I quest, several quests will come up in a row already completed for a nice boost in coins and supplies when you need it most!

This quest is the last quest in the chapter 1 quest

series. Completing it will trigger your quest

cycle to turn over to the chapter 2 quests.

When you do finish this quest, you'll also get a nice boost in goods, especially if you already have this next one completed:



There are many early chapter 2 optional storyline quests. Most of the early declinable quests will not repeat.

The following is the full repeating cycle, which one will eventually reach as they continue completing or declining the transition quests. Quests not in this list do not repeat.

At some point towards the end of the chapter, completing the quest to “Research a Goods boost technology” will trigger the temporary addition of this quest to the cycle:

This quest will remain in the cycle until the chapter 3 quests are triggered by completing “Research Advanced Scouts.”



1) When deciding whether to keep or decline any of the early optional storyline (one time) quests, don’t just look at the prize offered. Think also about how much you would NOT gain without having your regular quest cycle.


2) This quest offered relatively early on is worth getting to and completing:

3)  As in chapter 1, when you are going to be away from the game for a while, before you log out, set your builders, and then cycle to a quest to complete an upgrade to have some extra coins and supplies waiting for you when you return.


4)  The coin payout may make the 1-day production item quests seem tempting, but be careful not to be lured by them too much.


If you ARE going to use them, only force them up when you have a 1 day production ready to collect; don’t hold onto it for a full day, and block the rest of your cycle from being used.


5)  “Research Advanced Scouts” is the last mandatory storyline quest in the chapter series. Completing this quest will trigger the transition quests and then the Chapter 3 quest cycle.




The chapter 3 quest cycle is short and sweet. There isn't much about it that can be used to fix a coins or supplies shortage like the chapter 1 or 2 cycles had.

After completing the short transition series, then the initial cycle begins. 

At some point early to mid chapter, the exact trigger is unknown, though it is expected to be the research for the first Heavy Long Range unit, the initial cycle will be replaced by another short transitional series of quests:

"Golem" is replaced with "Mortar" for humans.

"Magic Dust factories" is replaced with the player's boosted 3rd tier manufactory.

Then the repeatable cycle picks back up again:

As more of the Chapter 3 Mandatory Story quests are completed, a few more will be added to the cycle.

Without giving away too many of the mandatory quests, there are a few important triggers in chapter 3 that give way to the “cycle” quests being replaced with a small series of one-time optional quests.


One worth mentioning is:

The next optional quest declined or completed after this quest is introduced triggers a series of ‘easy’ quests that will help you complete the 6 quests:

* Train 2 Paladins is Train 2 Treant for Elves

A few more small series of optional storyline quests will come up along the way, triggered by various mandatory storyline quests.

This quest triggers the addition of the “Produce advanced tools 2 time & collect coins” quest that pays GREAT supplies, and will be a lifeline throughout the rest of the game:

Then the updated cycle will continue throughout the rest of the chapter:



1) Don’t count on cycling for many extra supplies during this chapter. Make sure you’re visiting daily and getting the most out of your workshops. It’s important during this chapter to manage your supply well and not run too low.

2) Don’t feel the need to rush through the transitional or storyline one-time optional quests that will precede the cycle as you first get into chapter 3. There’s not much of a cycle you’ll miss out on by hanging onto these quests a little bit longer. Might as well squeeze out every last bit of ‘extra’ supplies from quests as you can.

3) The best way to take advantage of quests will be to remember to set an upgrade quest before you log off, and to make sure to remember to bring up an encounters, fighting, or complete a province quest when about to complete any of these actions.

4) Once you get the 2x advanced tools quest and the 6x advanced tools quest added to the cycle, you can earn more supplies on your workshops by always setting them for 3 hr productions, even during the overnight. Collecting on each of these quests will net more supplies than the difference between the total collection for 3 and 9 hours, especially if the 2x advanced tools quest is collected more than once (either in lieu of the 6x quest, or with 10 or more workshops.)

5) “Research Advanced Scouts” is again the last mandatory quest in the chapter 3 series, and will trigger the chapter IV transition quests, and then the introduction of the chapter IV cycle.




Chapter 4 introduces a much longer quest cycle, and adds some more useful quests to the mix. It also begins the addition of the boosted goods production quests. 



1)  Try to get your production up to hit the goods quest amounts for each tier at least on a 9 hr production cycle as quickly as you can. If you can hit it on a 3 hr cycle, even better. This will net you several more supplies per collect round.

2)  Continue setting workshops on 3 hrs even overnight to take advantage of the “Produce advanced tools” quests; completing the advanced tools 2x at least twice will net you with more supplies than if you were to leave them on 9 hours.

3)  If you are not ready for your goods quests to change to the higher required amounts for the chapter V quest cycle, hang onto the last mandatory quest in chapter 4 a little while longer, which is to research the ancient wonders.




Chapter 5 is essentially the same cycle, but with slightly higher requirements for quantities or levels, and slightly higher rewards. 



See Chapter IV questing tips.

The trigger for the chapter 6 quest cycle is a combination of reaching the treasure chest for chapter 6, AND having completed the last mandatory storyline quest in chapter 5, which is

  • Humans: Have 5 Dragon Keeps

  • Elves: Have a Garden of Harmony


If you are not ready for your goods quests to change to 4,000 required for each tier, hang onto that quest a bit longer while you build up your manufactories. But not too long!


If you get too far behind in mandatory quests, you can really set yourself back and end up having to repeat many actions you could have been getting credit for along the way!




With the exception of a few additional cycle quests for guest race goods or actions, the cycles for the remaining chapters are identical. 




A few additional quests are added to each cycle as triggered by Mandatory Story quests at some point in the chapter. 



Do NOT ignore or get behind in your mandatory quests! You don’t want to end up in a position where you get more than a chapter behind, and need to go back and do tasks from a previous guest race in order to keep progressing!

It is however, not a terrible idea to hang onto some key chapter end quests so as to not get stuck in less than ideal loops. Pay attention to which mandatory quests at the end of each chapter trigger a change-over (as listed earlier in the chapter by chapter walk-throughs.)

For example, as you are nearing the end of chapter 1, don’t let go of your chapter 1 quest cycle until you have plenty of coins and supplies built up. Don’t let go of your chapter 2 quest cycle until you get well into chapter 3 to avoid being stuck too long with a less than usable cycle. Avoid changing over from 4 to 5 and 5 to 6 until you are closer to hitting the new amounts for your boosted goods production on 9 or 3 hr cycles.

Hopefully you found this guide helpful in learning how to use quests to your advantage in Elvenar.

~ Happy Gaming ~

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