Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

MARCH 2018


Fellowship Adventure returns to beta, February 26th through March 3rd!

It begins on live worlds on Monday, March 5th (precise time not announced, but is usually early morning.) 

This round we have some new badges, and a re-balanced map.  We have some new requirements spread across each of the different paths which include 'paying' goods, relics, and orcs.

To learn more about the how the Fellowship Adventure works, be sure to check out the 'About Fellowship Adventures' page!


This round of the fellowship adventure includes 16 badge types; we have the original 10 from the first round, the 3 new badges added during the February adventure, and the March adventure brings us 3 additional new badges:

Wonder Society - Invest 10 Knowledge Points into another player's AW

Elvarian Guard - Recruit a mighty amount of units (3x your squad size)

Sack of Coins - Gain a good amount of coins (varies based on chapter)

Units count towards the 'Elvarian Guard' badge according to their size; a unit with a size of 4 will count as 4 (unlike with other 'train unit' quests in the game.)


Throughout all 3 stages of the Adventure, the new badge types are required in what appear to be some rather hefty amounts. 


However, you can work with your group to choose a strategy which puts the easiest ones in your path, and when dividing the requirements among all who are participating, they're not as scary as they first appear!

Click here for a list of all badges and what is required for each.


As with previous adventures, the requirements for the first stage start out relatively easy, and become progressively challenging throughout the next two stages.


Some of the Waypoints this round are not filled with badges, but with goods, relics, or orcs from your inventory.  

Refer to the charts below to see requirements per stage.  You can also use this handy planning sheet to prepare with your fellowship!

NOTE:  Since the release to beta, the values for some way-points have been updated.  Relic values have been decreased; these changes are reflected below.






The bottomless pit remains unchanged from previous adventures, and will continue to require the same badges and in the same order:

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures
Elvenar Fellowship Adventures
Elvenar Fellowship Adventures


Rewards are earned for reaching the end of each stage, and additional rewards are earned by the top fellowships who earn the most Adventure Points.

You MUST contribute at least one thing to one waypoint in the stage to earn the rewards from that stage! 

All fellows who participate in at least one stage or in the bottomless pit will earn the group rewards if the fellowship earns prizes for ranking in the top 100.



Supply Windfall

15% Supply Capacity refill

5 hour

Time Reduction


Ancient Wonder

KP Instant

30 KP


8 hour

Time Reduction


Ancient Wonder

KP Instant

20 KP

Ancient Wonder

KP Instant

30 KP


Coin Rain

50% Coin Capacity refill

Supply Windfall

50% Supply Capacity refill




Additional rewards are earned by the top 100 fellowships. 

The top 3 receive an exclusive building, in addition to fellowship ranking points and varying time reduction boosters. 

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