At the end of each Stage, all Fellowship members who have contributed at least one badge (or good, or relic, etc.) to at least one Waypoint (complete or not) during that stage will earn the prizes for that chest.  

Click on the flag at the end of the map to see the prizes offered for each stage.



The prizes are earned by Stage, not by path. Your only goal on each stage is to reach the flag any way you want to get there. Whether you do one path or multiple paths does not matter; the prize will be the same.


The only point to completing more Waypoints than required to reach the flag is to win more points to be more competitive in the global rankings.


Once you do open the chest at the end of the stage, the whole map will start over again for the next stage. 



Be sure to check the details page for each specific adventure, as the prizes change!


Click each chest to see the prizes for each stage.  Hover over individual prizes for more details.

NOTE: Only those who participated in the stage will earn the prizes for the stage.  Before closing the stage out, make sure everyone who wanted to got a chance to contribute at least one thing to at least one waypoint, or they will not get the prize! It does not have to be added to a completed waypoint to count; any contribution will do, even as low as 1 good to a waypoint that asks for goods.


Once each of the stages are completed, badges can still be added to the bottomless pit for additional event points. 


There are no additional prizes for completing Bottomless Pit Waypoints, but you will get 50 additional points for each one that is completed. These points can help your fellowship rank higher for a better final prize.

Each pit Waypoint will present 3 badge types. When completed, the next will be presented. There are 3 Pit Waypoints which repeat over and over again.

If your fellowship is not concerned with Ranking, then there is no additional benefit to be gained by completing more of these.


In addition to the rewards earned from the chests, the top ranking fellowships, determined by total event points earned, can win additional prizes including instants and even rare event buildings.  


Click the banner when inside the Fellowship Adventures screen to get to the fellowships ranking.


Hover over each icon to see the prizes that can be won.   

Note how you can also see the fellowship rank anytime without needing to click into the ranking window.

It is displayed above your fellowship banner when you are inside the event screen.

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