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Elvenar Fellowship Adventures



Once you have identified which path your fellowship is working on and worked out a strategy, it's time to start earning some badges and completing Waypoints!

Click on the Waypoint that your fellowship is currently working on, or any future Waypoint in the same path to identify which badges are needed.

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures


Cycle through the 2 new quest types by declining until you get to the one that offers the badge type you want to earn.

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures
Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

Once you complete the quest and get the badge you need, it's time to add it to the Waypoint.


Click on the Waypoint you want to contribute to.

You will get a new screen with the badges needed.  Click the badge type you have to contribute.  


Click the "+" sign to add one at a time, or click "maximum" to add all that you have.  Then click "Pay."

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

If you don't have a certain type of badge, you can also buy badges with diamonds.  The price is listed on the screen.  

Don't worry, unless there is a diamond icon on the "Pay" button, you won't be spending any diamonds in order to contribute what you've added.  

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

Once all of the requirements for the Waypoint have been met, it will automatically complete, and  the next Waypoint on the path will be unlocked.

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