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To complete the challenge, the whole fellowship will want to work together to work out a strategy.

Once the chosen path has been determined, fellowship members will want to work together to ensure the right number of badges are being worked on, and that there aren't going to be too many or too few of any of them.

A wise Archmage or Mage may like to make a list of who is working on which badges, and track that against the total needed for the chosen path.


It could become challenging to keep track of what the group's strategy is, be sure you are using your tools to communicate and keep all on the same page!

♦ Fellowship chat: great for real-time questions and answers; for anything you want to be sure is read by all, however, chat isn't usually the best place.  Things are easy to miss in chat.

♦ Circular message: put all important communications in a group message.  

  • Remind your fellows not to delete it if they want to receive all the updates!

  • Consider multiple threads: perhaps one for questions and progress updates, one for no replies for just the Archmage or mages to give important updates or instructions.

♦ Google Sheets: A great tool for collaboration!  If you really want to take your organization and planning to the next level, keep a list on a Google Sheet or Google Doc!


  • Share the link with everyone in the fellowship so all can update what they're working on, and see which badges are needed most.  (You'll want to be sure your fellowship members are familiar with how to Copy and Paste in game.)

  • Here is a link to a template you may like to try.  (Now updated for March Adventures 2018!)


  • Make a copy for yourself to edit, then share it with your fellowship.  (Make sure to give everyone edit rights if you want others to be able to make updates.)

  • Select the path your fellowship plans to follow from the drop-down list to calculate your plan against the requirements for that path:

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures


Only those ranked Ambassador or higher can unlock the chest at the end of the stage.  

This gives officers a chance to ensure the chosen strategy has been completed before moving on to the next stage.


Considering this, it may be worth examining fellowship roles. It may be in the interest of many fellowships to demote all players but those coordinating the event strategy to ensure the chest cannot be opened too early. 


Or, on the other hand, fellowships who aren't worried about this and just want to be able to open chests when ready may want to appoint additional officers.   

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

Some considerations:


♦  Has everyone in the fellowship who wants to had a chance to contribute at least one badge (or good, or relic, etc.) to a Waypoint so that they can receive the reward? 


♦  Does the fellowship want to earn additional points from extra Waypoints before closing out the stage?    

  • Once the bottomless pit is reached, it takes 9 badges to earn 50 points.

  • Ambitious fellowships may want to get more points out of their badges by completing Waypoints that are worth more than this.


  • Although there may be some exceptions, in general, more points can be earned per badge from Waypoints than from the bottomless pit.  This comes with a risk, however; can the fellowship afford to invest extra badges and still complete all of the stages in time?


Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

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