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Badges are the Adventurer Items which you will need to complete the Waypoints.


They have no other purpose than to be used in your Fellowship Adventures.

There are 16 different types of Badges you can obtain.


Hover over the Fellowship Adventures icon on the top of your screen when you're in the Fellowship Adventures map to see how many of each badge you have earned.

When you start your Fellowship Adventures, you will get 2 additional quest givers.


They offer you 16 cycle-able quests, one for each type of Badge.  

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

3 new Badges were added during the February Adventures:

Wand - Gain 1 Magical Manufacturing Enchantment and gain 100 Planks

Magic Potion - Gain 1 Ensorcelled Endowment Enchantment and gain 100 Elixir

Witch Hat - Gain 1 Power of Provision Enchantment and gain 100 Silk 

3 new Badges have been added for the March Adventures:

Wonder Society - Invest 10 KP into another player's Ancient Wonder

Elvarian Guard - Recruit a mighty amount of units (3x your squad size)

Sack of Coins - Gain a good amount of coins (varies by chapter)

NOTE: As of the most recent Adventure, August 2018 version 4, the 'Wonder Society' quest has now been updated to Invest 10 KP into ANY Ancient Wonder; it does not have to belong to another player. 


However, all 10 must be invested into your own wonders, OR another player's; mixing and matching some to your own and some to someone else's will not work.  For example, if you donate 5 to one of your own wonders, and 5 to another of your own, this will work. However if you donate 5 to one of your own, then 5 to another player's, or vice versa, the 2nd 5 will not count; all 10 MUST go to EITHER your own, OR to other players'.


Each of the 16 badge types above shows the quest type you need to complete to earn that type of badge.  

Each quest always earns the same type of badge.  For example; if you know you need a Dwarven Brewery badge, cycle through the quests to find the one to produce 50 beverages.

You can only get badges while the event is in progress, and you can earn as many as you want.  Once the event is over, however, all inventories are cleared for the next round.

Different Adventure versions require different badges and resources, and offer different prizes.  To see details for specific occasions of the Fellowship Adventures, refer to the page or Tracking Spreadsheet for each one: 

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