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Elvenar Fellowship Adventures



Fellowship Adventures is a multi-player event which occurs roughly once a month. 


This is a fellowship feature -

If you're not in a fellowship, you'll want to join one if you want to participate in this event!  

The feature is not available to players not in a fellowship.

If you change fellowships during the adventure, you will not be able to participate.

Leaving a fellowship during the adventure will result in a loss of all adventure resources.


Each event occurrence will run for about a week at a time, and these will be run regularly.  


When you are in your city, if you are in a fellowship, you'll have this banner on your screen:

(yours will look like the banner of your fellowship)

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

Click on the banner to enter the Fellowship Adventures.

The Fellowship Adventures is a new screen.  On this map, you will see several colored dots, which are the Waypoints, each going along one of three paths to the end point. 

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

New special quests are added to the game during the event which you can complete to earn the badges that are needed.  

Each Fellowship member works to earn badges that they will contribute to the Waypoints.  When enough badges have been contributed to meet the requirements for that waypoint, then it will be completed, and allow access to the next Waypoint on the path.

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

There are also some great in-game help features if you click the '?' in the corner of any event screen:

Elvenar Fellowship Adventures

Each adventure will be different: Different requirements, different rewards, different setup!

Different Adventure versions require different badges and resources, and offer different prizes.  To see details for specific occasions of the Fellowship Adventures, refer to the page or Tracking Spreadsheet for each one: 

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