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Elvenar Start Building

Join a Fellowship

Joining a fellowship is an important early step, and will greatly enhance your ability to progress in the game.


Elvenar isn't like other games where you need to add friends and neighbors; you have access to view and visit any other player in your world without having to take any special action to 'add' someone to your list.  

You can only trade with and provide neighborly help to discovered neighbors and fellows, however.  (You can trade with some undiscovered neighbors too, but it's more expensive.)

You don't get to choose your neighbors; your location on the map is assigned randomly when you create your city.  To have more control over who you can interact and trade with, you join or found a Fellowship.


A fellowship is a group of up to 25 players who can interact together and help each other.  Fellowships are player-run.  It has an owner, the Archmage, and any other leaders the Archmage appoints, called Mages or Ambassadors.  There is an in-game chat for fellowships, and fellowship-wide messaging features.

To join a fellowship, either:

  • Click the fellowship icon in the player panel below your avatar.  

  • Click the chat bubble icon to the right of the screen to expand it and get fellowship options.

Click "join" to be taken to the world fellowships ranking screen. Click "Found" to create your own fellowship and set it up just how you like, and invite other players to join you.

In the Fellowships ranking window, you can view every single fellowship that exists in the world, sorted by rank.  The higher the rank of the fellowship, the more advanced in the game those players are.  

Use the arrows at the bottom of the window to scroll through the pages, or type in any number to instantly go to that page.  You can also search by fellowship name if you already know of one you wish to join.

Click on the name of any fellowship to get a pop-up menu.  You can view the fellowship description and the members within it, or you can send a message which will go to the Archmage of the fellowship.

When you are viewing the fellowship, you can see the fellowship stats, and the description which is set by the Archmage or Mages of the fellowship.

If the fellowship is currently accepting applications, the "Apply" button will be green and not grey; click this to send an invitation which will appear in the Fellowship's applicants list.  


If you would like to add comments to your application, you'll need to do so in a separate message.

Click the red "x" to return to the fellowship list.

Read the fellowship description carefully to be sure it will be a good fit for you before you click to apply. Not all fellowships are alike.  Some like to play seriously and competitively, and will have clear expectations for how often fellows should play, trade, and provide neighborly help. Others may not have any set requirements for any of these things, and others still may be somewhere in between.  

A "good" fellowship is one made up of players who already like to play like you do; read the descriptions and choose one aligned with your personal goals and preferences.


Some fellowships will be open to brand new players, some may not.  Don't get discouraged if you're not accepted into a fellowship on your first try; apply to lower ranked fellowships while you're new to have a higher chance of being accepted. Sending a friendly note to the Archmage using the in-game messaging system can be helpful, too. 


If you'd like help finding a new player-friendly fellowship, be sure to join the Gems of Elvenar Facebook group to network with other players and meet some more just like you! 

If you are invited to join a fellowship, you'll find the invitation in the "requests" tab of the fellowship window that comes up when you click on the icon in the player panel as shown above.

Click the name of the fellowship to get the menu with the option to view it.

Click the green check mark to join the fellowship, and the red x to dismiss the invitation.

Note if you try to accept an old invitation from a fellowship that no longer has an opening, you may get a message that the fellowship is full. You can just dismiss the invitation if this happens.  


Unfortunately, the game does not clear it out automatically once it is no longer a valid invitation; you or the inviting fellowship will need to dismiss it.

Elvenar Research

Questions?  Comments?  Join the Facebook group for Elvenar players!  Open to anyone and everyone who loves Elvenar!

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