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Unlock more Research

Research is a core progression element of the game.  If you've played other building type games, you might relate research blocks to "Levels," and Knowledge Points (KP) to experience points or XP.


Don't let your KP bar get full or you will stop accruing free KP!

Invest KP into research as you earn it. Keep it spent as often as possible.

Click on the box for the item you would like to research, and click to invest all of your KP (the green button in the middle) or just one at a time (the green button to the left.)

You can also spend diamonds to fill up the research, but this is not required.

Anytime the game shows you need diamonds to complete something, this just means you do not have the required free resources.  Once you invest the KP here to fill up the bar, then the blue "Unlock now" button will turn to a green button that will not require diamonds.

There are some limits to the order you can do research in, and many research blocks must be unlocked before you can progress to later ones.  

Pay attention to the lines and where they lead.  They will help you see the path you can take.


They can also help you make decisions about which direction may be the more strategic choice when you have multiple options.

Hover over any future research to see which lines highlight green; these lead from the research that must be completed in order to unlock it. The research must also be completed in order for any other research it leads towards to become unlocked.

​You will face many choices on the research tree; the path you choose can make a big difference in how quickly you can progress through the game.

One of the first choices you face you will face will be whether to unlock Manufactories and Production boost first, or the barracks and other battle elements.  


Regardless of whether you think you might prefer battle or production to focus on for your city, we suggest following the shortest possible path to the Trader. 


You can use the Trader to get what you need to get through the rest of the research much easier!  If you keep following the quests and doing the actions you can as they call for them, you can get your trader and your barracks within your first hour of playing the game.  

♦ When you do get the trader, you'll need to scroll to page 3 of the 'basics' tab within the build menu to find it.  

♦ You'll need to have enough coins, and enough population to place it.

Note that your research may appear slightly differently; number 4 can vary for different players to read either "Steel," "Marble," or "Planks" Production boost.  


Whichever good is stated in option 4 on your research map, prioritize that one for your first option out of 1, 2, and 3.  Thus, the player in this example would want to reseach "Steel" Manufactory before Marble or Planks.  The order of Marble or Planks isn't relevant, just work to fill both so you can unlock the Production Boost.


(More on this and why it's different for each player, later on.)


Just as was shown in the tutorial, you can also purchase KP with in-game (non-premium) or premium resources anytime you need a few extra to finish up a research.  

Click the green "+" symbol in the KP bar to access the purchase menu.

You can buy KP with coins, or any of the goods you can unlock a production boost for.

Each time you make a purchase, the price will go up.  It will never reset.  Keep this in mind when determining how much to spend.

Don't let this be too much of a deterrent, however; as your city grows, so too will its wealth and daily income of coins and goods.


As long as you don't get too far ahead, KP will remain a reasonably priced purchase for its value as you progress through the game.

Elvenar Research

Questions?  Comments?  Join the Facebook group for Elvenar players!  Open to anyone and everyone who loves Elvenar!

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