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Elvenar Getting Started
Elvenar Human or Elf
Elvenar World Map
Elvenar Start Building
Elvenar Neighborly Help
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Elvenar Start Building

Start Building

The game starts with a tutorial to teach you how to play.


Follow the tutorial through learning how to place, move, and upgrade buildings.


Learn about the balance you'll need to establish between

  • citizens (population), 

  • culture, and ​


  • production

Learn how to scout provinces on the world map, complete encounters to earn Knowledge Points, and then invest those knowledge points into research to advance through the game.


Once you've completed the tutorial, keep following the side quests; they will guide you!

The quests will give you clues about the order in which you should build what and how many buildings to build.    


Keep doing what they ask you to, and try not to work too far ahead; the rewards you get for completing them will enable you to continue progressing.


Keep buildings upgrading while you explore the map.


During times you are playing actively, keep your builders free for things that go quickly, placing and upgrading residences and workshops as you are guided.

Upgrades to level 2 are cheap and fast!  

Upgrades to level 3 and higher cost more and take longer; save these for when you will be away from the game for a longer period of time.




Upgrading your Main Hall to level 2 will be an early quest.  It will take a bit longer that other buildings and upgrades to level 2, 10 minutes to be precise, but it's important not to delay this important upgrade.  


Besides needing to keep your quests progressing, you'll get more coins for giving and receiving neighborly help.


Make sure to reserve one of your builders to put to work on upgrading your Main Hall to level 3 when you are ready to take a break after your first playing session. 



It's okay to use up most if not all of your space to get more buildings built, this won't slow you down. 


You'll get a few more expansions soon if you keep following the quests and progressing accordingly.



It's okay to use up your space, you won't get stuck (at least for now), but don't use up all your coins and supplies, or you will be stuck waiting for more and unable to go forward on the quest rewards alone!

Try not to let your coins go below 5,000.  If you're getting too low, slow down upgrades and building additions until you complete a few more quests and replenish your balances.

Elvenar Research

Questions?  Comments?  Join the Facebook group for Elvenar players!  Open to anyone and everyone who loves Elvenar!

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